How long will delivery take?

For orders placed before midday, we ship that day and you will receive the next day in the North Island or 2-days to South Island.  For orders received after midday, please add on one more day.

How long do LEDs really last?

When suppliers state "this LED will last for 50,000 hours", this is the life of the LED chip at which point it will still maintain around 80% of it's initial output which is potentially 10-years.  However, due to the electronic componentry within the driver (converts 230V power to lower levels required by the LED Chips), drivers tend to fail sooner than LED chips.  We offer 3-5 year warranties on our products.  When sourcing LED products we choose higher quality drivers and are able to provide replacements if they ever fail.  Failure can be minimised by correctly installing the lamps and allowing maximum space for any heat to dissipate.

What colour temperature (CCT) should I use?

Generally speaking, for relaxing areas including lounges and bedrooms, people prefer a warmer CCT.  For task areas including offices, warehouses, retail spaces, a whiter CCT is generally used.

Should I buy dimmable LEDs?

Most of our residential range include dimmable drivers.  This is beneficial for bedrooms, lounges and areas where you don't always need maximum light output.  Choosing the right dimmer is very important as the electronic components in both the driver and dimmer can affect performance.  We have the best options available for you.

Should I buy a daylight or PIR sensor?

For warehouses and offices where lighting is on for longer periods of time, energy efficiency is far more important with much larger financial savings available.  By having sensors installed, you are able to gain maximum benefit from having lights turn off or dim when not required.

How much will my lighting design cost?

When you provide us your lighting design or requirements we will provide you with an estimate before commencing the job.  Most jobs range between $100-$300 depending on size and complexity.

Do all your costs include GST?

All costs on the website are GST inclusive.  Lighting design is $60+GST per hour.

Buying Guide

When assessing which LED lamp will meet your needs, the first thing to consider is what the space you are lighting is and what the look and feel you would like to achieve.

In task areas such as workshops, offices, warehouses and even kitchens, generally a whiter light is used. In this situation you may not require dimming functionality.

In a lounge or bedroom or bar area, generally a warmer colour temperature is used with low glare recessed fitting and dimming functionality is an added benefit.