Why LED Lighting Is Good For You

We may be biased, but it is impossible not to feel enthusiastic about LED lights once you know all their advantages. The best-known benefit of LED Lighting is that they are kind to your wallet in more than one way: they use far less power than conventional bulbs and greatly reduce your energy consumption and therefore your bills; they last longer and they require little maintenance.

If that weren’t enough to make them endearing, here are a few more reasons to love them.

LED lights are green

Using less power makes them environmentally friendly, as less fossil fuel is needed to power them. In addition, they don’t contain any chemicals, unlike fluorescent lighting bulbs for example, which are full of the highly toxic mercury.

As they last longer than traditional bulbs, switching to LED lights means they globally reduce the amount of resources used, and they don’t add to landfills as they are fully recyclable. So thumbs up all around for LED bulbs.

LED lights produce better lighting

Although the difference isn’t perceivable to the human eye, it is nevertheless very significant: LED lighting emits little heat and infrared light and almost no UV, and those characteristics make them invaluable to several industries: supermarkets have noticed that meat doesn’t discolour under LED lights and can therefore last longer whereas, in conservation, it makes them the perfect choice to illuminate works of art, historic monuments and archaeological sites that would be damaged by light radiation.

LED lights in design

LEDs come in strips, tubes, they are small, available in various colours, they can be programmed for real cool effects and even dimmed to create different moods. In one word, they are the soul of the party!

Small but tough

When fluorescent lights throw in the towel, LED lights carry on: they can operate at very low temperatures. How is it useful in a warm country like New Zealand? They can be used in fridges, freezers and industrial freezer rooms.

They aren’t damaged by frequent switching like conventional bulbs are and are therefore perfect for traffic lights or light signals of any kind, as they will remain operational much longer.

Light dispersion

The light that LEDs emit is focused, which means that they don’t require an external reflector to illuminate specific locations.

Instantaneous lighting

A common criticism against energy-saving bulbs has been how slow they are at warming up and getting to full power. With LED lights, there’s none of that, they light up immediately.

Low voltage

LED lights operate on low-voltage power and solar panels would generate enough electricity to run them, which makes them the ideal solution to bring light to remote areas where the availability of power is limited or inexistent.

Now that we have undoubtedly convinced you of how fantastic LED lights are, all there is left for you to do is to email us or call us on (09) 972 0078! Tell us what you need and we will advise you on the best solution.

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