Weird and Wonderful Uses for LED Lights

Before LED lights were invented, light bulbs were just that. Despite gradual improvement to their performance, they still remained too big to be of any other use than lighting a space.

LEDs have revolutionised the world in more than one way, namely that, being so small and not power hungry, they are mobile and are now used in all sorts of ways, be they flat TV screens, traffic lights, recreation and even art. LEDs are a great medium and clearly inspire people as a whole range of unusual and fun applications regularly come to life.

Circles of light

Having lights on your bicycle at night is crucial for your safety. But why opt for traditional, boring lights when you can bring you own light show along?

A Californian company, MonkeyLectric, sells a range of wheel lights for all tastes. With rainbows, stripes, landscapes or arcade game characters spinning wildly as you move, you can be sure that cars will notice you. Of course, they might be so distracted that you may be the cause for some accidents, but it will definitely be worth it!

Techno T-shirt

If you need to assert your status as the soul of the party, you will need a T-shirt by TechnoTeez. Sound activated, they display a colourful pulsating equaliser to the beat of whichever music is playing. It also responds to voices and you can adjust the level of sensitivity to ambient noise. So if you have had enough of someone’s less-than-scintillating conversation, you can send a subtle message by cranking up the settings and let the display convey your feelings…

Surf boards

Surfers are cool dudes by definition. Yet, they now have the chance to be even cooler than before while indulging in their passion.

You will find that surfers would be at sea 24/7 if they could, but they can’t, as they are forced to go back to shore when it is dark. Well, perhaps they no longer do thanks to the Night Stalker surfboard. With side fins embedded with waterproof LEDs, they can’t lose their boards and they are always visible should they need to be rescued.

Sure, surfing at night is still pretty dangerous, but at least you won’t risk sharks mistaking you for a seal or a penguin now!

Bold balloons

We might be depleting the Earth of helium for an arguably pointless purpose, but a party isn’t a party without balloons. However, LED-powered air balloons are nothing if not useful. They monitor air quality, and more specifically diesel and exhaust emissions, changing colours when levels are too high to warn people around that a change of pasture may be advisable. And they look pretty too!

Glow-in-the-dark bench

Produced by a German company, those glow-in-the-dark benches will allow you to find your garden bench even in the blackest of nights. This product makes full use of the colour-changing capability of LED lights and is available in several models. The benches are weather-resistant and require just under only 100W of power.

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