There Is an LED Light For Every Space

The last couple of decades have seen technological advances succeed one another at an unprecedented speed. You just have to watch a film from the 1990s to chuckle at the sight of chunky mobile phones. Energy-saving light bulbs have also progressed considerably. Their unsightly appearance meant that people would only use them if they could be hidden inside a lamp shade, and they also attracted a lot of criticism for the time it took for them to reach full power. They couldn’t be used with dimmers either.

Thankfully, LED lights have saved us from that imperfect solution.

LED lights combine the best of both worlds: there is nothing displeasing about them and they are instantly bright; they offer all the advantages of energy-efficient bulbs with the added benefit of being more durable and they come in various shapes, so there is a solution for every room.

  • LED downlights

Spotlights offer a clean, sleek look and are perfect for modern interiors. As they are fitted inside the ceiling, they don’t protrude and can be ideal for properties with lower ceilings or particularly tall people. While pendant lights and chandeliers are still popular in living spaces, LEDs spotlights have made their mark in kitchens and bathrooms.

As LED lights don’t heat as much as traditional bulbs or even the previous generation of energy-saving bulbs, they can be used with pretty much any kind of ceiling lamp without the risk of overheating and damage.

  • LED Strip lights

LEDs’ size is, without a doubt, what makes them so versatile.

Mounted in rigid strip bars, they can be fitted under kitchen cabinets, for example, to provide an invisible source of light to great effect. The sturdy casing also makes them suitable for commercial purposes as it protects the bulbs.

When it comes to flexible strip lights, well, the sky is the limit. They can be bent and shaped without getting damaged and they can become as much an object of art as lighting. Whether they are used as a focal point or to shape space, their potential in interior design is unrivalled.

  • Decking and staircase LED lights

Outdoor or indoor, steps can be treacherous at night, but thanks to LED lights, they needn’t be. Where standard-size bulbs would be impractical, not to mention unattractive, LED bulbs are just the solution. Fitted to each step, they will keep you safe in style.

For businesses, it is a way to comply with safety standards without having to pay huge energy bills: they can keep stairs lit at night after the main lights have been turned off.

  • LED floodlights and LED street lighting

LEDs for outdoor use are durable and require little maintenance which makes them a cost-efficient solution for governmental entities responsible for street lighting.

  • LED Highbays

LED Highbays come in many different forms. Total LED provides a range of high quality long life highbays from linear to UFO styles.

  • LED Panels for Office and Retail

LED office panels are an excellent replacement to older fluorescent fittings. 600×600 is the ideal size to spread the light evenly across rooms. We have diffused options and indirect uplighting options available.

  • LED Shopfitters for Retail

LED shopfitters and shoplights come in round and rectangle sizes in high output and an excellent CRI to bring out the best colour for your products.

Total LED offers the best value LEDs in New Zealand with a wide range of LEDs suitable for indoor or outdoor use, for residential properties as well as commercial premises. To find out more, email our knowledgeable team or call us on (09) 972 0078, or simply select and buy LEDs online by shopping now.

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